Welcome to the IFBB Professional League Membership and Contest Contracts system!

Whether you are a new IFBB Pro Athlete, or have been an IFBB Pro Athlete for many years, it's imperative that you familiarize yourself with the new online contracts signing system, contract deadlines, requirements & rules. Review the following guidelines below:

  1. The Contest Contract Application deadline (the Monday prior to the Contest at 3pm Eastern Time). No changes will be made after this deadline.

  2. How to correctly submit Contest Contract Applications for all Divisions/Classes you wish to compete in.

  3. How to review your Contracts so you can promptly address any necessary corrections prior to the Contract Applications deadline.


Contest Contracts are Contracts. Consequences for breaking contracts include fines and suspensions. If you did not save or print a copy of the agreement you signed during the purchase of your 2024 IFBB Pro Card, you can request a PDF copy be sent to you by the IFBB Pro League office.

Contract Deadline

All Contract Applications must be submitted before the applications deadline, which is the Monday prior to the contest at 3pm Eastern Time. No contract applications, or any requests for changes to contracts, including adding or removing any Divisions or Classes, will be accepted after this deadline.

Example A The contract applications deadline for a Contest taking place on Saturday August 10 is Monday August 5 at 3pm Eastern Time.
Example B For a contest taking place on Sunday August 11, the contract applications deadline is Monday August 5 at 3pm Eastern Time.

Additionally, contract application deadlines are clearly displayed on each Contest Listing on the 'Upcoming Contests' page (the page that is used to complete contract applications):

Contract Submission

To submit a contract application, visit the 'Upcoming Contests' page of the IFBB Pro League Membership System. All Upcoming Contests are sorted by date, with the contests taking place soonest at the top, and the contests taking place later in the year below. Find the Contest you wish to submit a contract application for.


You can use the 'Drop down' filters at the top of the page to narrow the list down to a specific Division and/or Country.

Once you have found the contest you would like to submit a contract application for, click or tap the 'Register' button.

You will be taken to the contest Muscleware form, which has been pre-filled with your information. Simply select the Division and Class(es) you wish to compete in.


If the contest offers both Masters and Open, and you plan to compete in both, use the 'Add Class' button to make sure that your contract application contains both. Once contract applications are closed, classes cannot be added or removed.


IFBB Pro Athletes are not permitted to compete in more than 1 Division per contest, unless ONLY competing in Masters classes. If you are competing in ONLY Masters classes, and you wish to compete in 2 different Divisions (e.g. Men's Bodybuilding and Men's Classic Physique), you must submit two separate contest applications, one for each Division.

If you mistakenly add a class on the Muscleware form that you did not intend to be included in your contract application, use the 'Remove Class' button to remove it.

When you are finished selecting all of your Class(es), click or tap the 'Proceed to Confirmation' button to continue to the Review / checkout page.

On the Review / checkout page, a final opportunity is provided to review the Class(es) selected on your contract application. To complete the application submission, sign your IFBB Pro League Contract and click or tap the 'Submit Application' button.


If any payment is required (for instance, when Masters classes are selected, or any Promoter-specified Add-on purchases are selected), proceeding to the Promoters payment system and making payment completes the application submission.

After the contract application is submitted, the IFBB Pro League Office receives the application for review. If/when the application is approved, the Muscleware system will immediately send you a confirmation email.

The Muscleware confirmation email again lists the contest name, and class(es) that have been approved, and includes a link to your 'Athlete Profile' for the contest. Your 'Athlete Profile' page is a private link where you may review your class(es), and upload your posing routine music (if applicable).

Additionally, if you wish to Add a class (and the contract applications deadline hasn't passed), you can do so via the 'Add Class' button in the 'Classes' section of your Athlete Profile.


Athlete Profile pages are available until online contract applications deadline. After the deadline, Athlete Profile pages are closed, as all data is then processed for the show. This includes all Posing Routine Music as well. So, if you are competing in Divisions with Posing Routine Music, upload your music via your Athlete Profile before the contract applications deadline!

Reviewing Contracts

Including Divisions, Classes and Application Status

At any point, members can review any/all of their Contracts and/or Contract Applications via their 'My Contracts' page.

The 'My Contracts' page lists all current, pending and past Contracts, and includes:

  1.  The Contest Name the contract is for

  2.  The Date the contract application was received by the IFBB Pro League office

  3.  The Class(es) contained in the contract

  4.  The current Status of the contract

     Contract Statuses include:
    RECEIVED Your contract application has been received by the IFBB Pro League office, though it has not yet been reviewed.
    APPROVED Your contract application has been approved by the IFBB Pro League office and has been counter-signed and dated. You are officially registered for the included Class(es), and you may print a copy of the contract if you wish to have a physical copy.
    DENIED Your contract application has been denied. If the IFBB Pro League office staff have included a note, you can view the note by clicking or tapping the 'Denied' text
    CANCELLED Your previously Approved contract has been Cancelled. If the IFBB Pro League office staff have included a note, you can view the note by clicking or taping the 'Cancelled' text.

Finally, for Approved Contracts for Upcoming Contests, 'Athlete Profile' links are also available on the 'My Contracts' page.

Again, once the contract applications system is closed (the Monday prior to the contest at 3pm Eastern Time), NO changes to contracts will be permitted, and Athlete Profiles (including Posing Routine Music uploading) are closed.

Thank you for being a member of the IFBB Professional League, and good luck at your upcoming events!